Established in 1996, "Prajapati Fibre Glass" is The Leading Manufacturer of HDPE Tank , HDPE Spiral Tank, HDPE Spiral Storage Tank , HDPE Storage Tank , HDPE Chemicals Tank , HDPE Chemicals Storage Tank , HDPE Vessel , PP Chemicals Storage Tank , PP Tanks , PP Vessel , PVC Fills , Blue Cooling Tower Fills ,Black Cooling Tower PVC Fills ,Cooling Tower FRP Fan ,FRP Cooling Tower Fan, PPFRP Centrifugal Blower , PPFRP Blower , FRP Centrifugal Blower ,Industrial Blower , PPFRP Tank , PPFRP Scrubber , PPFRP Scrubbing System , PPFRP Storage Tank , PPFRP Vessel , PPFRP Nutch , PPFRP Tub, FRP Canopies, FRP Motor Guards / FRP Motor Cover , FRP Fire Bucket, FRP Tank, And Many More. At "Prajapati Fibre Glass" Quality is Not Accidental, But It is The Result of

Intelligent Effort And It is Our Passport To Prosperity. Because of The Confidence of Customer in Quality We Are Graced By Valued Customers Strengthening Our Capacity & Capability Day By Day Increasing Pattern of Product. Our Quality And Standards Are Difficult To Beat. We Are Focused On Anticipating Our Customer's Unique Requirements And Delivering An Excellent Product That Provides Solutions To Assists Our Client Stay Steps Ahead of Competitors. Under The Supervision of Our Mentors, "Mr. Arvind R. Oza" We Have Been Able To Attain A Strong Position In The Market. We Have Been Able To Register A Strong Presence In The Major Markets.

We Own Our Major Part of Success To The Invaluable Aegis Offered By Our Owner Mr. Arvind R. Prajapati Our Tremendous Growth is Due To His Invaluable Guidance & His Expertise In The Same Field. Ever Since Our Inception, We Have Always Achieved A Good Rate of Success And This Has Reaffirmed Our Faith In Supplying Qualitative Range, Timely Delivery of Orders And Competitive Prices.

These Tanks Are Available in Any Cylindrical Vertical, Cylindrical Horizontal, Square & Rectangular Shapes. Chemical Storage Tanks Are Manufactured By Chemical Grade Imported And 100% Virgin Raw Material. Manufactured By Unique Process of "Winding" These Tanks Are Ideal For Storage of Diverse Range of Chemicals, Effluents And Other Corrosive Materials.

German Technology Machine

Bottom Nozzle 30mm Thick With Leth Machine Finishing

Tank Bottom Welding With German Technology Machine

Prajapati Fibre Glass Supplies World-Class HDPE Spiral Storage Tanks The Capability Day by Day Exceptional Service, Competitive Pricing, and Consistent, On-Time Delivery.

Continue to Offer Customers Top Quality Products to Meet or Exceed Customer’s Needs, and Continuously Improve:

  • Customer Service
  • Product Quality
  • Product Design
  • Delivery Reliability
  • Prajapati Fibre Glass is Committed to Provide Best Quality Products in the Industry. We Make Sure Our Products Meet Top Most Quality By Means of Aggressive Designing And Testing Strategies.

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